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Devotion to Christ is caring more about knowing the Truth than discovering one may have been incorrect in what they initially believed.



Our mission


After years of research into Christianity and Catholicism, we share what we have learned so you may learn why those who are separated from the Church should return or unite for the first time with the Church Jesus founded with His Blood.


Each of us is accountable to seek knowledge of and to come to know our Lord, Jesus Christ. Once one has come to know Him in all Truth and fullness, the only regrets that can be found are the regrets of not coming to know Him earlier in life. A person cannot enter or even rightly choose to enter into a meaningful relationship with someone they do not know, let alone a relationship based on truth, trust and love of our Lord. It is through the Son all salvation is offered. But how many Catholics do not truly understand their Faith although they think they do? How many read Scripture? How many refer to the teachings of the Catholic Faith as “Church teachings” rather than truly understand why the Church teaches what it does; why it requires what it does, or that the Church has actually served for 2000 years by the commission and authority of Jesus Christ, its founder and High Priest, to pass on His Teachings?  How many would acknowledge in their hearts their own resistance to seeking or coming to know “too much” of their faith, in fear we may learn something that would “interfere” with the self-gratifications we are pursuing from this world of liberalism? And how many of us are not and never was of the Catholic faith yet hold fast to bias against the Catholicism without ever seeking to learn the truth? 


Whether you are a “fallen away” or “non-practicing” Catholic, have converted to one of many protestant faiths, or have always been of a protestant faith and never knew the true Catholic faith, we encourage you to learn. Devotion to Christ means seeking to know Him to the fullest. There are many today that were raised in the Catholic faith but have separated for personal reasons or disbeliefs, but did they really know why or what they separated from? Did they really know their faith or Scripture in the first place? As the writer and one who has been there I can tell you with all confidence they did not, or the threat of death itself wouldn’t have separated them from the one Church Jesus founded with His Blood. They would relate deeply to those throughout history who came to know and love Christ with such devotion to understand the test of faith in martyrdom. Learn what you thought you knew but didn’t really know at all.


Like so many people, at some point, if you have allowed yourself to be open to Our Lord, through His grace you will come to the realization that something is missing in your life. In searching, you may have come across our website as you look for answers to learn about Him and from Him; to learn the TRUTH in its FULLNESS.


Our website is maintained by individuals such as you who have previously reached that realization. We have continued forward as students, disciples of our Lord and Savior, the Most Sacred Heart, continually striving to learn all we can from Him and to grow in love for Him. We are laymen, not ordained. We do not ask you to donate; we do not receive nor accept donations of any kind.


Our mission is to assist those who desire to learn Christianity fully and in all truth, from its inception in 33 A.D., considering a return to their Christian faith after a period of separation, and those who realize something is missing from the Christian denomination they worship within. Further, to provide a means by which others can have a form of communication with those who have previously “been there” and have already begun seeking and learning through The Holy Bible and other educational resources as students of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal in this effort is to provide all those who seek the truth the direction to find it.


Our resources are many, including most directly The Holy Bible, being the original; that of the Roman Catholic (Universal) and Apostolic Church along with the ancient texts the Holy Bible presents. We also refer greatly to the Ancient writings of the Apostolic Fathers and all the Early Church Fathers. We rightly and respectfully acknowledge Saint Peter as the first Bishop of Rome and his “chair” as the prime authoritative position within the Church as acknowledged throughout history since the roots of Christianity. Apostolic succession along with “sacred Tradition” (the correct understanding of the Teachings of the apostles) are necessary to provide the valid teachings proven through there lineage in there consistency.


Review the links provided for meanings and explanations. For other recommended reference sources follow the “resources” links. Now, may our Lord Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, give you the strength in determination to continue your search to know Him and in turn grow in ever-deeper love of Him.


If you would like to contact us to talk or have questions that we may be able to help you with, please… feel free to send us an email. Your contact information is confidential and we would be happy to help you.  


In our mission we do not ask for nor do we accept donations of any kind. If you wish to be charitable we do suggest you look into whatever acts of charity you can perform through your local church or community within your means. This may include helping the needy, donating food, clothing, or other acts of charity.



God Bless us all


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