Seeking Divine Mercy


Reflecting on God’s Creations


On a day-to-day basis, we give little to no thought about how we truly affect the world around us. We acknowledge pollution and talk about “going green” but that seems to be the average depth of our recognized responsibility. We claim we believe in our Heavenly Father and in the Word of God but do we? Do we really understand our responsibilities under God, our Creator?


In seeking to know our Heavenly Father, what He wishes for us and from us, we must begin with our taking up the Holy Bible, actually reading it and learning from it. What we cannot understand we must seek understanding where it may exist and what is beyond man’s comprehension we must accept with faith and trust in God. In referring to the Holy Bible it is the interpretation generated from the Latin Vulgate we refer to. Not a “version” that has been altered over time through edited or misinterpreted context to fit a more recent or convenient or easier to follow philosophy. Although merciful, God’s word is not suggestive or flexible and in “Truth” there are no “versions”, only the One Word.


With this kept firmly in mind, who can recall relating to our responsibilities to nature and our environment as an obligation under God, The Creator? In all His creation inclusive of the air, earth, sea and every living creature He bestowed upon or within, there is no release from the responsibility that each and every one of us share since the beginning. We have been and remain appointed by our Heavenly Father as custodians of His creations. Beginning with the fundamental readings in the Old Testament, Genesis, it cannot be clearer that the LORD was very pleased with all the living animals of the land, the birds of the air and the creatures of the sea, declaring them as very good and BLESSING THEM. These He created and man He created in His image and likeness.


How many of us realize that in the beginning we as human beings were not intended to be flesh or meat eating, but were to eat of the fruits and vegetation of the garden. It wasn’t until after the original sin of man that change took place. Regardless, we were given dominion over them and remained the custodians to His creations. Those creatures that were thence to be taken for food were considered sacrifices to our God of all Creation and treated as such. Now today many will say this is extreme to think along these lines and maybe even unrealistic. That opinion doesn’t matter at all as we are referring to God’s design, not man’s determinations.


Lets take a look at just the last 200 years for instance and reflect on the custodial care we have provided to all that God has created, taken pleasure in and BLESSED (Keep in mind HE created and Blessed). Who alive today can actually describe how beautiful, colorful and clear a sunset might have been just 200 years ago in comparison to today with the changes in the atmosphere brought on by man’s carelessness? How many species of wildlife have become forever extinct from this earth due to man’s ignorance and carelessness, quest for convenience and greed? How will we explain these to our Heavenly Father? How many natural habitats have been destroyed and how much damage have we caused to the atmosphere for the same reasons. How will we explain these to our Heavenly Father?


The basis of it all simply put is primarily due to man’s on going quest for ultimate “convenience” along with industry’s greed, generating as much profit from the production of those conveniences as worldly possible. Many food related industries produce and often over produce including the mass breeding and deplorable treatment of animals often bred exclusively for meat to a point of great waste, once again for consumer convenience and industry greed.


Whether as an industry or individual, we’ll find ways to justify stripping the earth of it’s forests and killing off indigenous wildlife simply to make it more convenient to use land we choose to occupy, farm or grow agricultural products. We’ll kill animals because we may not like their appearance, we seek a “trophy”, they’re a nuisance or bother us, we see no known purpose for them or just because we are entertained by the destruction or the power of the device we use to kill them. We’ll over fish until a species no longer inhabits the sea and in the process kill other species that happen to be in the way of our boats, nets or equipment. Yet with all the modern day wisdom and intelligence we believe we possess how many times have we experienced the reality that due to our destruction of environments or the elimination of species in various geographic areas, entire ecosystems have been irreparably damaged or destroyed. Subsequently, further damage results in that remaining wildlife dies off either directly or indirectly due to lack of there natural food source or from overpopulating due to the human based extinction of what was at one time their natural predator. But we still haven’t learned.


On any given day, a person can drive along the highway and take notice to how many animals large or small that lay dead on or along the road struck by vehicles. If you really want to take notice of this, try saying a short prayer asking forgiveness of our carelessness or make the sign of the cross for each one you see. After all, it is a creature of God killed as a result of modern convenience. Of course you can say some are unavoidable no matter how we may try to be cautious but are we as cautious as our responsibility under God dictates? 


Like a roller coaster gliding along on closed tracks we are a society living each day in an automatic state striving for our earthly goals rarely stopping to think about what has been bestowed to us or what truly awaits us. If as individuals we don’t once again awaken, realize and respect God’s gifts, what chance do we have to realize and develop that ultimate relationship with our LORD? 


Peace and God’s Blessing be with us all.




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