America Is Our Country

We Exclaim, “God Bless America

But where are our hearts


Throughout our nation’s history, Americans have exclaimed “God Bless America”. From Battle cries to bumper stickers, we exclaim this to show our belief in God and allegiance, pride and support of our country. Even September 11th, 2001, when our homeland came under direct terrorist attack, our response was again, “God Bless America”.


Years ago it was understandable where such an exclamation could come from.  You knew it was heart felt when said. There was no doubt that those chanting it believed in those words. But what about today? When at one time we were a nation “under God” and God was at the foundation of that which our founding fathers sought to preserve and promote through freedom of its uninhibited worship, we have systematically slammed the door on the very principles our country was founded to represent. Consider what we have done over just the last fifty years alone and take a few minutes to think about what we are becoming. Where we are heading. Then ask yourself, do we have any right at all to even ask God to bless America let alone exclaim it?


Our political representatives (they who represent you and I through our vote) as well as our judicial system have pursued the complete removal of any audible or visual expressions of prayer to our Lord and God in schools and public buildings to a degree that it is against the “law”, an infringement on others. The separation of church and government was a large part of the premise behind this movement but it was distorted in order to accomplish this. In the founding of our country, this separation was meant only to keep government from adopting one faith and forcing that faith on all citizens as it was in England before our independence. It was never meant to eliminate God from our founding principles.


A bit of irony

Listen To The Words Of The Late Red Skelton, Christian, WWII Veteran and World Famous TV Celebrity


Where are we going? Well let’s see. We have enacted laws and given our approvals for abortion, the selective elimination of the most vulnerable of human life. Some call it the “right to choose” but that sentence rarely seems to go any further verbally. We are working diligently to eliminate the words “In God We Trust” from our currency. Is it that we no longer trust Him? Or is it we no longer believe in Him. We are, in a growing number of our states, supporting the legalization of “same sex” marriages and some barbaric means to pursue stem cell research. We have “drive-by” shootings and assaults performed against our youths by our youths; We discipline children for outward signs of affection when they so much as hug a friend; We produce serial killers who can select people at random, look down the sights of a sniper rifle while hidden and end a life for amusement; We have school massacres performed by our children gunning down our children; fathers and mothers not only killing each other but killing their own infants and children before committing suicide; We have families destitute and living in cardboard boxes under bridges while some corporate executives receive hundreds of millions of dollars in bonus money in one quarter (not including their regular income). Many institutions including commercial businesses will not allow employees to say the Words “Merry Christmas” as a greeting. But it still represents the Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ whether some like it or not. And on it goes as if the time will never come that we will have to answer for the transgressions of the society we created.


So the time to raise the question is now, America. Do we have the right to ask for God’s blessing as we now stand, or is it time we start earning it back and HOW?


Let us pray daily on it.

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